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26 Inch Leg Extension for Bighorn Stabilizer

26 Inch Leg Extension for Bighorn Stabilizer

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Ladder Accessory for Home or Work

  • PIVOTAL FOOT DESIGN to work on flat roofs to 4/12 pitch so you can keep OSHA's 36 inch requirement.
  • EASY TRANSPORT - Great for roofing contractors, insurance adjuster or home owner who needs to access a flat roof. Can be used for commercial and residential use. Make your ladder multipurpose.
  • BUILT STRONG - Bighorn Stabilizer is built with strong, lightweight aluminum and stainless steel. Reinforced rails and safe grip handles. Years of dependable service.
  • IMPROVES SAFETY - You can transition to and from your flat roof in a more stable and confident manner.
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The Ultimate Way To Get On Or Off Of A Roof

Anyone who has ever stepped off a roof onto a ladder understands the great potential for injury or death. The added support of the Bighorn Stabilizer makes your access to and from the roof easier and more secure. Order yours today and climb safer!


BigHorn Stabilizer Makes Your Access To And From The Roof Easier And Secure

The Bighorn Stabilizer is a high-quality tool that is designed to provide reliable support and stability for ladders. It is constructed from strong and lightweight aluminum and stainless steel, which makes it durable and easy to use. The Bighorn Stabilizer is built to last, with a sturdy design that will give you years and years of dependable service. Whether you are a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast, the Bighorn Stabilizer is an essential tool that will help you work safely and efficiently on any ladder-based task.